Coach Weber’s Final Four team honored

Tom Finnegan and Final 4 teamCHESTERTOWN — One of Coach Bill Weber’s greatest college-playing basketball achievements was being a part of the 1990 Washington College Division III Final Four team. Hailed by many as the greatest team in the school’s history, Weber’s Bulldog Basketball Coach Darren Vican was also a freshman member of this elite squad, which made history as being the first NCAA basketball team in the state of Maryland to reach the Final Four round of any NCAA division tournament.

On January 25th, Washington College hosted, “Basketball Alumni Day” and most of the 1989-90 record-setting team was present (including Weber and Vican) for a half-time reception at the Cain Athletic Center honoring Coach Tom Finnegan and the team for their now-thirty-year-old feat. Washington went on to finish third in NCAA Division III that year, scoring an 87-86 victory over Calvin in the national consolation game.

Coach Weber said the experience of playing a Final Four game in front of a home crowd of over 1,000 in a huge come-from-behind tournament game is something he will never forget.

Washington College Final 4

Coach Weber with his teammates from 1990

final 4 washington college

Most of the team took center court with coach Tom Finnegan during halftime at the Cain Athletic Center